Dr. Susan A. Burke OMD L.Ac.
Birmingham, Michigan

She prides herself on her extensive continuing educational background as well as her ‘old style’ acupuncture. Her training differentiates her from other forms of acupuncture, including the now Westernized version of TCM (the State of Michigan does not currently have licensure for Oriental Medicine Doctors).

Being trained in the older, more traditional version of Chinese Medicine led Dr. Burke to receiving her NCCAOM Licensure in 1987, graduating from the California Acupuncture College in 1988, and becoming a Doctor of Oriental medicine in 1989.

Dr. Burke spent a year in Shen Zeng, China working as an Acupuncturist. Following that experience, she returned to start her career, state-side in California.

After 15 years, she returned to her home state of Michigan, and started practicing in Berkley, Michigan in 2002, while maintaining her State of California licensure. From there, Dr. Burke and the Acupuncture Health Alliance relocated to its current location in Birmingham, Michigan.