We can change our skin for the better.

Energize your skin with the quantum biomechanics of cellular repair.

Dr. Burke welcomes you to Qi beauty, as one of its first practitioners in the United States. The Qi beauty Facial is a combination of Japanese and Chinese acupuncture points and facial meridians, Quantum skin principles, and controlled gold magnetic gradients to deliver a lasting impact to skin health.

Qi beauty is looking to the future of skin, health and recovery potential, and accumulative results. Qi beauty is the first skin treatment to use gold, Static Magnetic Fields and Varying Magnetic Gradients for health and aesthetic. Founder Kathy Pedersen, located in Australia, is the creator of Qi beauty. Her passion and commitment to sustainable skincare, age-control and wholistic anti-ageing created a system that delivers accumulative results, and health to skin.

Qi beauty creates space between lipids to allow movement within the extracellular matrix. When skin is damaged (TEWL, skin qi deficiency, dysbiosis, an impaired skin barrier) oils, sebum and skin secretions accumulate around the hair follicle. The build-up of secretions and stiffening within skin causes congestion, and breakouts. By creating space, we are able to naturally decongest skin organically and move the secretions out through natural channels.

This system delivers energy to cells for optimal skin performance, recovery and health. Qi beauty is the treatment for women who are passionate about the relationship between health and beauty, energy and the longevity of choices in how we age