As it is important for you not to feel rushed; relax and feel completely taken care of, an acupuncture session with Dr. Burke is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours long.

You will be ushered into a private space that is warm, comfortable, and secure. A visit starts with intake and assessment by Dr. Burke. After her evaluation, you are left to undress to your underclothes and lie down on the treatment table.

The doctor will return, and then gently insert needles across the body. Then, you relax, enjoying sound therapy for 45 minutes. Tingling or throbbing are common feelings. The needles will be removed, you’ll simply roll over, and the same process will begin on the other side of the body.

You will be closely monitored throughout the session. A bell is nearby should you require additional assistance. The acupuncture experience with Dr. Burke is often described as euphoric or blissful.